How to remove your Creative Coloring Page

Safely and Securely

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Preserving Your Artwork

Proudly displaying your creative artwork is satisfying. We do not necessarily color to show other people, but it is nice to reflect on the process when it is complete. We can either keep the books together with our art remaining within the bindings, or we can remove our beautiful pictures and put them on display.

One of the best things about our Creative Coloring Books is the binding. We wanted to offer something that gives you the option to keep your images safe if you choose to finish them in a complete book. Our binding secures the pictures, so you can access the entire image without the book falling apart.

But, if you are like me, you like to color from multiple angles by turning the page as you go. I do this because it allows me to keep consistency in shading within all portions of the picture. So for me, removing the page with as much workable space as possible is essential. And this is super easy to do.

The goal is to remove our images without damage, giving us plenty of space to work. You do not need any special tools unless you have them already. A pair of scissors with a sharp edge will do just fine.

Step 1: Find Your Inspiration

Our Creative Coloring Books offer many unique and relaxing images, regardless of the book. Taking time at this step is vital because your chosen image may take several days to finish. Consider your mood and purpose before removing. You do not want to start a picture and not complete it because it does not fit with how you feel.

Step 2: Open Wide

We want to open the book as wide as possible without damaging the binding. Again, this is all super easy to do. We just need to take a little care to stay safe and get the best possible results.

Give yourself plenty of space so that when you remove the page, you have an even gap in the margins. One crucial aspect of artistic expression is how well the image is centered on the page. You want to keep the same distance in the inside and outside margins as you gently remove your Creative Coloring Page.

Step 3: Remove the Creative Coloring Page

Open your scissors carefully and place the tip on the top of the inside margin, taking care not to cut yourself. Press down gently on the paper as you move slowly down the edge of the page. It helps to align the edge of your scissors against the fold of the previous pages as a guide for a straighter cut.

Use a slow and deliberate motion and you score down the side of the image towards the bottom of the page. You do not need to press very hard. We want to simply score the paper, not cut through it.

Once you have reached the bottom of the Creative Coloring Page, set your scissors off to the side and grasp the upper corner of your picture. Pull gently out and away, and the page will tear free along the scored line. Now you are ready to either begin or display your new creation. Super easy!

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