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You accumulate points with every $ spent.  You can also receive free gifts with your purchase, depending on your points.

How to earn loyalty points
Perform the actions described below to earn loyalty points
Action to perform
Points earned
Place an order
Place a first order
Spend Money
1 Point / 1 $
Sign Up!
Happy Birthday!!
Your Referral Orders from Us
Share a Product on Social Networks

Step 3:  

Redeem your purchase points.

Some expire, so be sure to keep track of what you earn.  We will help you to remember too.  🙂

Purchase Points
Earn 100 Points
$5 Discount on Your Order
This reward is worth 100 Points
Earn 250 Points
$10 Discount on Your Order
This reward is worth 250 Points
Earn 500 Points
$20 Discount on Your Order
This reward is worth 500 Points
Earn 1000 Points
$50 Discount on Your Order
This reward is worth 1000 Points

Step 4:  

Refer a friend to our site.

If you like our service and products, refer a friend and receive points towards your next purchase.

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If you like the products and deals that we offer here, share them to your Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter account.  You receive points for this on your next purchase.

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Step 6:  

Check back to our site regularly.

The more you log in and see what is new and exciting here, the more points you can accrue.  

Winter Rewards Program!

Visit our site and earn Discount Points!

Winter 2020
5 visits
5 Points
$5 Order Discount
5 visits to the site - take $5 off your order! $50 minimum purchase required.
10 visits
10 Points
$10 Off Any Outerwear Items
10 visits to the site - take $10 off any Outerwear Item! $75 minimum purchase required.
15 visits
15 Points
$10 Off Any Crazy Train Top!
15 visits to the site - take $10 off any Crazy Train Top! $60 minimum purchase required
20 visits
20 Points
$10 off Jeans or Slacks!
20 visits to the site - take $10 off any Jeans or Slacks! $75 minimum purchase required.
25 visits
25 Points
Free Diamond Glam Girl Stud Earrings!
25 visits to the site = FREE pair of Diamond Glam Girl Stud Earrings! $50 minimum purchase required

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